Revo Pink lens and frame

Revo Pink lens and frame

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Entity Revo Pink lens and frame. 17% VLT

- comes with an additional yellow uncoated lens, 54% VTL for poor visibily days.


FYI: Mirrored lens will not be transparent when wearing. They are only slightly transparent in the photos as the lighting set up directs light through the back of the lens. Whereas this light will not exsist when you have them on.


We strongly recommend purchasing an additional interchangable revo blue lens, at 24% VLT this would cover you for the most common visibilty conditions on the mountain.

  • Tech Specs

    Triple layer foam - Greater comfort and sweat absorbtion.

    Compatiable with Helmet - Feel safe and secure

    UV protection - Increasing protection for eyes

    Cylindrical lens - Anti scratch coating

    Anti-fog coating - to minimise fogging

    Adjustable strap - Anti-slip silicon

    Interchangable lenses - ready for any weather condition 

    Perscription friendly - Wear you perscription glasses underneath

  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT) Category

    Category Use VLT%
    S0 Dark or Poor light 80%-100%
    S1 Cloudy or low light 43%-80
    S2 Medium light 18%-42%
    S3 Strong light 8%-18%
    S4 Very strong light 8% or below
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